A Re-Print series Booster pack idea for Career

(Copy and pasted from the discord) I came up with this cool idea at work today, while thinking about how to obtain the Pokemon Center Promo card @axpendix

What if we release a booster pack in Career (in the next Career update or further update), which is called “Re-Print series”. This booster pack would combine the entire Base Set 2 and Legendary Collection expansions into one single booster pack. (Just like how Gym Heroes and Gym Challenge are now combined into one booster pack. Of course you might get 2 of the same card more often (For example base 2 Rattata, and legendary collection Rattata), but this pack will make building a deck a whole lot easier, than constantly swapping from Base Elements to Base Verdict if your after a certain rare.

This booster pack will also be the definitive pack for beginners to Career to open as base set 2 had (nearly) every card from base and jungle, (it at least had all the fully evolved starters and all the rare trainer cards) and legendary collection has different rarities for some cards. The Jungle Snorlax and Fossil Haunter reprints are uncommon cards now for example but remain non holo. Not sure why Golem and Exeggutor are rare cards in Legendary Collection though.
There’s also an exclusive holographic Dark Vaporeon card, which was originally a non holo uncommon card. it looks really nice.

Small things to note about this proposed booster pack. Oddish and its evolution line are nowhere to be found in either set. And Eevee and its evolutions don’t exist in base set 2. While Eevee is present in the Legendary collection, Jungle Vaporeon is missing from legendary collection, making it the only eeveelution not in the pack. (It was probably replaced by the before mentioned Dark Vaporeon holo).