2012-13 Tournament! Use cards from BW to PLF!

Black and White base set to Plasma Freeze is the format that was played at the 2013 worlds. This tournament uses this format and lets us compete in a format that we are not used to testing our skills in formats that most of us probably don’t have vivid memories of. Win all the glory and no actual prizes by competing in this tourney! To enter message me Joshster386#3846 on discord or email me at [email protected]

For all rules check out this google doc! https://docs.google.com/document/d/1BbkKznTI6CeLPa0fQ6vsr6AOhIj2RBEuYHokV15EHHg/edit?usp=sharing


For people who are interested, here’s a link to some of the worlds decks from that year:

(I’ll be copying these decklists onto the public area within the next few hours)

So if you’re unfamiliar with this format then you can just copy and play around with these on quickplay, I’m always down to play (whenever I’m online) bw-on if anyone wants to test/figure out the strats.

Excellent, pinned the topic for more visibility.

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