TCGONE weekly Standard/Expanded Tournaments

weekly tournaments hosted every saturday at 7pm central time
this week we’re having a standard one

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standard tournament again this week

expanded tournament friday 7pm cst

expanded tournament moved to next friday

yet another standard 2021 tournament

another standard 2021 tournament this week

more standard

even more standard

expanded tournament next friday 7pm cst

standard but adp is ban?!?!?!?!?

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another expanded tournament next friday 7pm cst

even even more standard

the tenth standard weekly tournament

even morer standard

expanded tourntamt 4

standard tournament but with PRIZES

standard tournament but adp is ban part 4

stanadrd weekly tounetments part 14

15 starndard weeklty tornament #15

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more starndard
week 16 of the weekly tournements series