Shuckle-GX (LOT 17). Charizard TEAM UP

Charizard discards energies to deal damage but can’t damage shuckle because of protective shell bug

Bug is still valid right now. There have been no less than four bugs concerning these sorts of interactions with Protective Shell.

All pokemon that discard energies after damage calculation should work against Protective Shell which is the case for Charizard (TEU)

Does “work against” in this instance mean “should not be stopped by” (“using a Fire type attack should work against a Metal type Pokémon”) or “conflicts against” (“Admin is working against four years of bug reports”)? I would have guessed the former, but when your reply was checked as a solution, the result was that this post will be closed in five days, meaning Admin won’t see it after five days and might not know or remember the need to fix the bug. Please let me know if this reply means “this interaction is working the way it is supposed to”: if so, the checkmark needs to be removed.

It is working as intended