Salty players

so i joined this guy for a game, he was using some kinda anti GX deck with hoopa and shit. i steamrolled him using pikarom(which i am using to test lmao). why are people so salty these days?

[jasonshirley]: so stupid how retreating gets rid of my atk effect

[yaorong]: thats how pkmn works

[jasonshirley]: dumb rule. says defending pokemon

[yaorong]: defending would be pikarom at that time

[yaorong]: dude it has been that way forever.

[jasonshirley]: “dude” find deck that isnt bandwagon electric

[jasonshirley]: i’m just using secondary deck

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First off, welcome! Not many of the players here are routinely upset at a card game they are voluntarily deciding to play. In the career community, specifically Gen 1 there are players who use the broken decks, and it leaves others trying to keep up with the pace that these decks set for the format. Although quite annoying, its part of the progression, the grind that TCGONE is, and a challenge of any competitive TCG. Personally, I would just focus on enjoying playing against opponents that are accepting of the crazy things that might happen during a given game, and happy to play regardless of the outcome. That’s been helpful to me during both IRL and TCGOMNE games. Hope this helped!

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They’re probably just tired of seeing Pikarom win, which is understandable, but doesn’t give anybody the right to be salty. Instead of being salty, they could just make an anti-Pikarom deck and win, but obviously people like wasting energy lol. Don’t let it bother you. He obviously didn’t have a whole lot of experience since he didn’t know that rule. Better players likely won’t be as salty.

Speaking from personal experience, it gets pretty annoying and boring to play against the same decks over and over, especially the popular one’s like pikarom. With that said people will play that deck and you can’t do anything about it, personally what I do is just quit the match and search for another one.There’s no use in complaining about it, but it’s good to voice your opinion to encourage more variety.

While I agree that variety is important, many people use this tool to play test their decks. As pikarom is a strong deck, it will inevitably be played more often. You can choose to be salty and leave these matches, but all you will accomplish is to deny yourself and your opponent a game. Alternativly, you can change your deck to be more competetive against pikarom.

Some examples of this:
I run a deck that focuses on Banett GX and zoroark. GX. As pikarom has become more popular, I have replaced psychic energy with rainbow energy in order to add 2 babybuzz into my deck. While I can normally discard them to ultra ball, mysterious treasure or zoroark, in the pikarom matchup, it swing my deck from heavily disfavored to about even.

Some changes you can make to almost any deck:
Run more stadiums: While you don’t need to be running sky pillar just for the matchup, it is the best one to beat tag bold gx. Pikarom is one of the decks that benefits most from thunder mountain so being able to get rid of it quickly can change games.
Run a copy of alolan muk: In most decks, the card cost is minimal, a ditto and the muk, but it can turn off most of pikarom support since it disables jirachi, zapados and zeraora. It also turns off many other less popular decks like meganium stall and zoroark.

Your last option is to build an entirely new deck. While facing pikarom with one deck over and over again can certainly be repetitive, facing it with new decks really isn’t.

The reason I feel compelled to fight this mentality of just leaving is that while it is slightly annoying in quick play, it is downright toxic in career. The time it takes to find a match in career is generally longer than quickplay and many people use surrendering to deny their opponent ink.

Please consider this the next time you are in a matchup you don’t like.
Good luck and have fun :slight_smile:

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I’ve played against pikarom and zoroark enough to not give a damn if I’m playing against those decks with different decks everytime, same thing with lost march. It’s one thing to be salty, which I disagree with, and it’s another thing to be fed up of seeing the same decks, which is understandable. If people have free choice to play with whatever deck they want, they also have the choice to quit against decks they are tired of playing against. I personally don’t care about my win/loss ratio as long as I am not playing against the same decks repeatedly.

At that point the person should just surrender the game if they are so sick of a certain deck. Or just quit ptcg if they can’t deal with meta.

I usually don’t get salty, but although I didn’t quit ptcg in general, I quit TCGONE because I never saw any meta decks. I use TCGONE to test for irl tournaments so that’s a no-no.