Pokémod Meta Focus #1 - G-SPEC Cards

Hello Everyone!

With my work on the Pokémod expansions complete I thought it would be a good idea to begin creating a series of forum posts that focus of the meta defining cards in Pokémod.

For this entry we’re looking at the G-SPEC cards.

G-SPEC’s are an exciting addition into Pokémod. I would best describe them as a combination inspired by the ACE-SPEC cards from Black and White, and GX attacks.

The G-SPEC rule is as follows: “You can’t have more than 1 G-SPEC card in your deck. G-SPEC cards can only be put into play once in a game.” This rule limits a player to running 1 G-SPEC card in their deck, so choose wisely from the options that best suits your decks strategy. You get 1 play of a G-SPEC in a game, however they can be recovered from your discard pile so if you haven’t already played your G-SPEC, you can do so later in the game. But once you have put it into play, you won’t be able to again in that game.

We have various types of G-SPEC cards from Trainer cards, Energy cards and Pokémon cards.

G-SPEC cards stay in play for the duration of their natural cycle. So the trainers that don’t attach to a Pokémon are discarded after you’ve performed their effect. The Trainers that do attach to a Pokémon stay attached until discarded or leave play etc and the same goes for G-SPEC Energy Cards. G-SPEC Pokémon are currently made up of Basic Pokémon and are played as such.

Base Set



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Gym Heroes

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Ash’s Pikachu looks kinda op lmao, I would definitely use it in some exeguttor deck
Strenght Potion with Mr Mime(Jungle) would be very anoying. It would also help Brock’s Ninetales a lot.
Also Celebi with focus band would be very hard to knock out.

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Hey man, how’s it going? Have you had chance to have a look over the full Pokemod expansions yet? We do have Tool scrapper that discards up to 2 Trainers attaches to your opponents Pokémon etc. :slight_smile: you can find the link to my MEGA in the Pokemod-dev channel on TCGONE’s discord. This is the best way to view to cards atm until they are updated in the public carddb on TCGONE.

I wouldn’t jump the gun on Ash’s Pika just yet, in testing it’s proven a great card and one that’s fun to use but it’s not OP, just strong in the right deck… like with Exeggutor as you said :sunglasses::smiley:

P.S Forgot to say that Focus Band isn’t included in Pokemod :slight_smile: