Pokémod Meta Focus #1 - G-SPEC Cards

Hello Everyone!

With my work on the Pokémod expansions complete I thought it would be a good idea to begin creating a series of forum posts that will focus on the meta defining cards in Pokémod.

For this entry we’re looking at the G-SPEC cards.

G-SPEC’s are an exciting addition into the Wizards era of PTCG. I would best describe them as a combination inspired by the ACE-SPEC cards from Black and White, and GX attacks.

The G-SPEC rule is as follows: “You can’t have more than 1 G-SPEC card in your deck. When this card leaves play, it moves to the Lost Zone.” This rule limits a player to running 1 G-SPEC card in their deck, so choose wisely from the options that best suits your play style or deck strategy. If you choose to discard, or you’re forced to discard your G-SPEC card during the game, it can be recovered from the discard pile to be played later in the game with cards like: Item Finder, Energy Charge or Nightly Garbage Run etc.

Below I have listed all G-SPEC cards by expansion for easy viewing :slight_smile:

Base Set



Team Rocket

Gym Heroes

Gym Challenge

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Ash’s Pikachu looks kinda op lmao, I would definitely use it in some exeguttor deck
Strenght Potion with Mr Mime(Jungle) would be very anoying. It would also help Brock’s Ninetales a lot.
Also Celebi with focus band would be very hard to knock out.

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Hey man, how’s it going? Have you had chance to have a look over the full Pokemod expansions yet? We do have Tool scrapper that discards up to 2 Trainers attaches to your opponents Pokémon etc. :slight_smile: you can find the link to my MEGA in the Pokemod-dev channel on TCGONE’s discord. This is the best way to view to cards atm until they are updated in the public carddb on TCGONE.

I wouldn’t jump the gun on Ash’s Pika just yet, in testing it’s proven a great card and one that’s fun to use but it’s not OP, just strong in the right deck… like with Exeggutor as you said :sunglasses::smiley:

P.S Forgot to say that Focus Band isn’t included in Pokemod :slight_smile: