Marshadow-GX Bug


I had a Marshadow-GX in actve, and it couldn’t use the attacks of the pokemon in my discard, just 2 random attacks (which I think were both attacks on basics from my opponent’s pokemon from the previous game I played)


Interesting bug. If you could try to recreate the bug and post the game log, that would be very usefull. Even if you could describe which attacks you had, which basic pokemon were in your deck/discard, and which basic pokemon you saw in your opponents deck/discard that would help to isolate the bug. However I can tell you that the random moves were not from a previous game as game instances are independent of each other. Sorry I couldn’t be more helpful.


Yes, can you take a screenshot and get the names of those attacks please?


You have probably already seen this but what I assume to be a similar bug was reported here [Bug Report] # Marshadow-GX (SMP 59). Chimecho (CIN 43). Be according to the user the attack that was chosen was not the attack that was carried out. Was this similar to what you expienced?


In ours, it was bell of silence (chimecho) and used synthesis (I think that is likely the one that was on fomantis used in grass decks)