Can you add a upr-unm format

The title is my question. Upr-unm is worlds 2019 format and yet 18-19 is sum-unb on here.

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Disclaimer: Just throwing my two cents; not replying as staff nor dev, just as a player.

18-19 is sum-unb on here.

Yup, it’s a consequence of the changes on rotation dates that started with that format. Rotation was made prior to Worlds unlike most years prior to this one, which meant 2018-2019 covers every format up until Worlds. but not that event.

Ideally, the solution would be “Standard 2019-2020 [UPR-RCL] covers the format”, but then it really doesn’t due to the rule changes since the release of Sword & Shield. And Expanded is not an alternative either, with some cards like Reset Stamp banned over there.

However, there’s SUM_ALL which includes all those formats, won’t include card bans and so should be usable for replicating the format, even if less restricted (so a note might need to be added on the match, so people use decks with SUM-UNM only). It wouldn’t hurt to include it as a format in specific due to the importance of the tournament tho, I guess.