[Bug Report] # Flash Energy (AOR 83). Tapu Koko Prism Star


Flash Energy (AOR 83). Tapu Koko Prism Star (TEU 51). You can’t use Dance of the Ancients Flash Energy. It strictly says [L] energy, not Flash Energy

Game starting
Game type: QUICKPLAY
Game format: Expanded
Player A: Benjamin.Le
Player B: Odysseus
Coin flip result: HEADS
Player A will start.
Game setup complete
Between turns. TC: 1
Player A drew 1 card
[Odysseus]: meant to report flash energy
Attached a Lightning Energy to Eevee.
[Odysseus]: you can’t tapu koko dance of the ancients flash energy
Eevee has used Energy Evolution
Eevee evolved into Jolteon-GX
A has shuffled deck.
[Benjamin.Le]: i didnt let me close out the window
Put Tapu Koko Prism Star onto bench



If you read the card, you will see that it does not become an L energy until attached, therefore it is not an L energy in the discard, and, therefore, not a valid target for dance of the ancients.

Cannot find any rulings for discard, but the following rulings about playing from the hand apply here (From Pokegym)

Q. Can you Rain Dance Rainbow Energy?
A. No. Because it does not count as any type while in your hand. (June 22, 2000 WotC Chat, Q247)

Q. Can movie promo Pikachu use Recharge to get a Rainbow Energy from the deck, or does it have to be a basic Electric Energy card?
A. That would not work. Rainbow Energy only counts as all-basic energy types WHILE IN PLAY. This is not the case when it is in the deck. (April 27, 2000 WotC Chat Q6)

  • The [default or normal] amount of energy an Energy card provides is equal to the number of energy symbols in the upper right or left corner of the card, regardless of how many different types of energy is provided. (Apr 8, 2004 PUI Rules Team) (Thus it provides 1 flash energy, not a lightning whilst in the discard/hand/deck)

Hope that ‘fixes’ your issue


From how I look at this, I think you may have misinterpreted what Odysseus was saying. There are a few cards in the game here that allow you to attach things like Double Dragons from the discard AND keep them on that Pokemon when that is definitely not supposed to happen. I was able to attach a Double Dragon from the discard using a Solgaleo Prism to an Aegislash EX, which is not supposed to happen at all. What’s even worse is I was able to keep it on the Aegislash EX, when the card specifically states that if it gets attached to a pokemon that isn’t a Dragon type, it automatically gets discarded. These bugs need to actually be fixed.