[BR] Super Scoop Up (FFI 100). Head Ringer (PHF 97). my opponent

Super Scoop Up (FFI 100). Head Ringer (PHF 97). my opponents Head ringer went into my hand after a successful super scoop up

Game starting
Game type: QuickPlay
Game format: 2015 (BCR-ROS)
Battle started between JamesG and RainbowWingTCG!
Coin flip result: HEADS
JamesG will start
RainbowWingTCG took a mulligan. They will continue taking mulligans after JamesG places an Active Pokémon (and Benched, if any).
Mulligan phase: RainbowWingTCG took 1 additional mulligans
JamesG drew 1 extra cards.
Game setup complete
Between turns
Turn 1 begins
JamesG drew 1 card
Head Ringer (PHF 97) is attached to Seismitoad-EX
Attached a Plasma Energy (PLS 127) to Virizion-EX.
G Booster (PLB 92) is attached to Virizion-EX
JamesG played N.
JamesG has shuffled deck.
JamesG drew 6 cards
RainbowWingTCG has shuffled deck.
RainbowWingTCG drew 6 cards
Put Seismitoad-EX onto bench
Vermi is now a spectator of the game from neutral POV
Between turns
Turn 2 begins
RainbowWingTCG drew 1 card
Put Zubat onto bench
RainbowWingTCG played Super Scoop Up.
Coin flip result: HEADS
Scooped up [Seismitoad-EX (FFI 20), Head Ringer (PHF 97)]
Put [Head Ringer (PHF 97)] to Hand
Zubat is now active
Put Seismitoad-EX onto bench
[RainbowWingTCG]: lol head ringer is in my hand
[JamesG]: lol
[RainbowWingTCG]: imma report it real quick
[JamesG]: see if it will let u play it
[JamesG]: if it does we can just start a new game
[JamesG]: or either way, the game state is broken