[BR] Shiftry ex (CG 97). Skill Hack unnecessarily double prompts

Shiftry ex (CG 97). Skill Hack unnecessarily double prompts the user.

Game starting
Game type: QUICKPLAY
Game format: EX Series
Battle started between JayHornung and JasonKlaczynski!
JayHornung took a mulligan. They will continue taking mulligans after JasonKlaczynski places an Active Pokémon (and Benched, if any).
Mulligan phase: JayHornung took 3 additional mulligans
JasonKlaczynski drew 3 extra cards.
Coin flip result: TAILS
JasonKlaczynski will start
Game setup complete
Between turns
Turn 1 begins
Attached a Darkness Energy (DS 103) to Seedot.
Put Seedot onto bench
Seedot evolved into Shiftry ex
JasonKlaczynski played Rare Candy.
Shiftry ex used Skill Hack
Solrock (LM 25) was chosen
Call for Family was chosen
Shiftry ex used Call for Family
JasonKlaczynski has shuffled deck.
Between turns
Turn 2 begins
JayHornung drew 1 card
[JayHornung]: would it let you grab a Shiftry?
BeheeyemBREAK is now a spectator of the game from neutral POV
[JayHornung]: oh duh it's says tone