[BR] Mewtwo (DS 12). Mewtwo cannot move energies to itself and gi

Mewtwo (DS 12). Mewtwo cannot move energies to itself and gives now error, cannot play afterwards.

Game starting
Game type: QUICKPLAY
Game format: EX Series
Player A: julionc
Player B: Alazor
Coin flip result: TAILS
Player B will start.
Game setup complete
Between turns
Turn 1 begins
Crystal Beach is now in play.
Attached a Grass Energy to Minun.
Between turns
Turn 2 begins
Player A drew 1 card
Attached a Metal Energy to Nidoran♀.
Player A played Rocket's Admin. .
Put 5 cards to Deck
Put 4 cards to Deck
A has shuffled deck.
B has shuffled deck.
Player A drew 6 card
Player B drew 6 card
Put Nidoran♀ onto bench
Put Diglett onto bench
Nidoran♀ used Tail Whip
Coin flip result: TAILS
Between turns
Turn 3 begins
Player B drew 1 card
Alazor disconnected, waiting 15 seconds before ending game.
Alazor reconnected.
[Alazor]: I can't do anything, Mewtwo d glitch
No response from Player B
Player A is the winner! Player left the game!
Game is ended. Winner is Player A.
[julionc]: thats odd
julionc has closed game view.