[BR] Magnetic Storm (HL 91). Machamp (HL 9). Machamp's Brick Sma

Magnetic Storm (HL 91). Machamp (HL 9). Machamp’s Brick Smash attack, which ignores resistance, has a weird interaction with the Magnetic Storm stadium, which states that attack from Fighting and Psychic type pokemon are not affected by resistance.

Game starting
Game type: CAREER
Game format: Worlds (03–04)
Player A: GnomoSexual
Player B: Mert
Player A does not have any basic pokemon in his hand!. Redistributing.
Player B drew an extra card.
Coin flip result: HEADS
Player A will start.
Game setup complete
Between turns
Turn 1 begins
Attached a Fighting Energy to Machop.
Player A played PokéNav.
Put Machop onto bench
Machop used Knuckle Punch
Machop did 10 damage to Ralts
Between turns
Turn 2 begins
Player B drew 1 card
Attached a Psychic Energy to Ralts.
Magnetic Storm is now in play.
Ralts used Confuse Ray
Coin flip result: HEADS
Machop is now confused
Machop is weak to PSYCHIC
Ralts did 20 damage to Machop
Between turns
Turn 3 begins
Player A drew 1 card
Machop evolved into Machamp
Machop is no longer confused
Player A played Rare Candy.
Attached a Fighting Energy to Machamp.
Machamp used Brick Smash
Between turns
Turn 4 begins
Player B drew 1 card
[GnomoSexual]: ?
[Mert]: uhhh
[GnomoSexual]: ???
[GnomoSexual]: I forgot
[Mert]: guess they haven’t patched the magnetic storm bug
[GnomoSexual]: magnetic storm is bugged
[Mert]: i think it has to do with the wording on machamp’s attac
[Mert]: report it
Player A is the winner! Surrendered!
[GnomoSexual]: i did
GnomoSexual has closed game view.