[BR] Lanette's Net Search (EM 77). When a player selects an illeg

Lanette's Net Search (EM 77). When a player selects an illegal trio of cards with Lanette's Net Search, an error is displayed on the game screen to both players instead of just the user.

Game starting
Game type: QuickPlay
Game format: EX Series
Battle started between Elite4Renegade and JasonKlaczynski!
Coin flip result: TAILS
JasonKlaczynski will start
Game setup complete
Between turns
Turn 1 begins
Put Exeggcute onto bench
Put Exeggcute onto bench
Between turns
Turn 2 begins
Elite4Renegade drew 1 card
Elite4Renegade played Lanette's Net Search.
vjeranbrodar is now a spectator of the game from neutral POV
Elite4Renegade has shuffled deck.
Put [Lanette's Net Search (EM 77)] to Played Supporter
Put Elekid onto bench
Elekid used Baby Evolution
Elekid evolved into Electabuzz
Electabuzz already has full health.
Electabuzz has used Power of Evolution
Put 1 card to Hand
Lanette's Net Search (EM 77) was discarded
Between turns
Turn 3 begins
JasonKlaczynski drew 1 card
Lunatone (LM 20)'s ability is blocked.
Electabuzz (DF 29)'s ability is blocked.
Cessation Crystal (CG 74) is attached to Exeggcute
Cursed Stone is now in play.
JasonKlaczynski played Swoop! Teleporter.
JasonKlaczynski has shuffled deck.
Pikachu evolved into Raichu
Between turns
Cursed Stone
Electabuzz got 10 damage
Turn 4 begins
Elite4Renegade drew 1 card
Cursed Stone (LM 72) will be discarded as Crystal Beach (CG 75) is played.
Cursed Stone (LM 72) was discarded
Crystal Beach is now in play.

This was resolved in a prior patch.

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