[BR] Lady Outing (RS 83). game engine error (every time, has happ

Lady Outing (RS 83). game engine error (every time, has happened 3 games)

The game is about to start
Type: Career
Format: Worlds 2004 (EXP–HL)
Battle begins between Valcix and Lucchacho!
Coin flip result: HEADS
Valcix will start
Game setup complete
Between turns
Turn 1 begins
Attached a Psychic Energy (RS 107) to Clamperl.
Between turns
Turn 2 begins
Lucchacho drew 1 card
Sunny Castform used Temperamental Weather
Temperamental Weather has transformed Sunny Castform (HL 26) to Rain Castform (HL 23)
Lucchacho has shuffled deck.
Attached a Water Energy (EXP 165) to Rain Castform.
Magnetic Storm is now in play.
Rain Castform used Scattered Shower
Lucchacho has shuffled deck.
Lucchacho drew 5 cards
Between turns
Turn 3 begins
Valcix drew 1 card
Valcix played TV Reporter.
Valcix drew 3 cards
Psychic Energy (RS 107) was discarded
Put [TV Reporter (DR 88)] to Supporter
Clamperl evolved into Gorebyss
Attached a Multi Energy (SS 93) to Gorebyss.
Gorebyss used Mystic Water
Gorebyss did 40 damage to Rain Castform
TV Reporter (DR 88) was discarded
Between turns
Turn 4 begins
Lucchacho drew 1 card
Put Snorunt onto bench.
Put Snorunt onto bench.
Put Tentacool onto bench.
Lucchacho played Lady Outing.
Game Engine Error!
[Lucchacho]: blah i always forget about lady outing lol

Hi, thanks for reporting, the fix will be included in the next patch.

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