[BR] Kingdra (UL 85). Kingdra Prime's Dragon Stream says it requi

Kingdra (UL 85). Kingdra Prime’s Dragon Stream says it requires a Fire and a Water energy to attack.

Game starting
Game type: QUICKPLAY
Game format: HGSS-on
Player A: Odysseus
Player B: FEWorlds
Coin flip result: TAILS
Player B will start.
Game setup complete
Between turns. TC: 1
Attached a Rainbow Energy to Horsea.
Horsea got 10 damage
Horsea used Beat
Horsea did 10 damage to Cleffa
Between turns. TC: 2
Player A drew 1 card
Player A played Pokémon Collector.
Put [Horsea (UL 49), Larvitar (UL 50), Larvitar (UL 50)] to Hand
A has shuffled deck.
Put Horsea onto bench
Put Larvitar onto bench
Put Larvitar onto bench
Put Chansey onto bench
Attached a Darkness Energy to Larvitar.
Cleffa used Eeeeeeek
A has shuffled deck.
Player A drew 6 card
Cleffa is now asleep
Asleep coin flip result: HEADS
Cleffa is no longer asleep
Between turns. TC: 3
Player B drew 1 card
Put Sunkern onto bench
Player B played Rare Candy.
Horsea evolved into Kingdra
Kingdra has used Spray Splash
Larvitar got 10 damage


This will be fixed next patch.

I’ll remove the fire energy requirement