[BR] Hoppip (HS 67). Hoppip forces you to switch with your benche

Hoppip (HS 67). Hoppip forces you to switch with your benched pokemon, when it says "you may"

Game starting
Game type: QUICKPLAY
Game format: HGSS-on
Player A: FEWorlds
Player B: Odysseus
Player A does not have any basic pokemon in his hand!. Redistributing.
Player B drew an extra card.
Coin flip result: TAILS
Player B will start.
Game setup complete
Between turns. TC: 1
Put Cleffa onto bench
Tyrogue retreated.
Cleffa is now active
Cleffa used Eeeeeeek
B has shuffled deck.
Player B drew 6 card
Cleffa is now asleep
Asleep coin flip result: HEADS
Cleffa is no longer asleep
Between turns. TC: 2
Player A drew 1 card
Put Sunkern onto bench
Attached a Grass Energy to Hoppip.
Player A played Professor Oak’s New Theory.
Put 4 cards to Deck
A has shuffled deck.
Player A drew 6 card
Hoppip used Bounce
Hoppip did 10 damage to Cleffa
Sunkern is now active
Between turns. TC: 3
Player B drew 1 card


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This will be fixed in the next update