Blaine's Charizard damage multiplier errata (oversight)

The issue is that we are now not simply correcting the original bad translation, we are changing it completely. The card designers clearly intended for Buzzap to be fully discarded if that was the method used to pay for the attack. Since using Buzzap causes a KO against you, this is a fair trade. So I don’t think it’s appropriate to change how the card works completely, merely to correct the card’s operation to what was originally intended. They intended Buzzap to be completely discarded if it was attached and providing two Energy, leaving Charizard no Energy if nothing else was attached. Or am I now misreading what you are saying?

@admin @ZF_Goku (I cannot mention DKQuagmire because of my status)

The answer is simple, you don’t buzzap electrode if you don’t have at least 1 basic energy attached. The Pokémod version will have the damage output as I’ve listed. This has all come from a missrepresentation of the correct ruling in the first place. And it doesn’t make sense to make exceptions. That’s not fair ruling.

Yes @Cyclone you seem to be misunderstanding, you would not discard any energy that is covering the attack cost (no matter how many energy that card provides).

Essentially, as long as you have atleast 1 Basic [R] attached, you would discard all other energy’s attached to perform maximum damage.

To clarify:
Attach [R]
Buzzap and attach [RR]
Attack and discard [RR] to hit 60 damage.

Ending the turn still with the basic [R] attached.

So how is the original card being handled in how it works? Or is that what will be on the original setup too? I understand the PokéMod version may differ.

@ZF_Goku buzzap card should be allowed to be discarded, if you only have that on the pokemon. It’s essentially providing 2 R energy and the goal is to discard 1 R energy. You select it to fulfill the requirements of 1 R energy, but then those 2 energy cannot be separated therefore it’s still a valid selection and will be treated as 2 R discard for damage purposes.

Similar effect happens when you retreat a pokemon with 1 retreat cost by discarding a double colorless energy. You need to discard 1, but you choose dce, therefore you effectively discard 2. Same principle. That’s why I believe no additional clause is needed because it’s the natural way of discarding energy.

@admin I understand what you are saying but it’s actually a different situation. For example; If the pokemon you wish to retreat has a retreat cost of 1 and the only energy you have attached is a DCE or Buzzaped Electrode, you must discard it to meet the demand of the retreat cost.
In Blaine’s Charizard’s situation, the attack actually states, discard all energy attached to Blaine’s Charizard that are not covering the attack cost. This means that if the only energy you have attached is either a Buzzaped Electrode or Scramble Energy etc, this card cannot be discarded.

@admin if you still feel electrode must be discarded if it’s the only energy attached, the damage output must be 40 as you can’t gain extra damage for the energy that covers the attack cost. All a player would have to do is attach a Basic [R] the same turn as Buzzaping Electrode to gain the extra damage for both the [RR] Electrode provides.

The way Buzzap’d energy would work was mentioned in Japanese translation of the card so I don’t think we should change it now. You’re free to do so with Pokemod version, of course.

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Nice one man, below is a few variations of the Damage output for the Pokémod version of Blaine’s Charizard’s Roaring Flames attack. :sunglasses::fire::fire::fire:

[R] = 1 Basic
[RR] = Buzzaped Electrode
[RRR] = Scramble Energy

Italics = Energy that is discarded

[R] = 20
[R] [R] = 40
[RR] = 40
[RRR] = 60
[R] [R] [R] = 60
[R] [RR] = 60
[R] [R] [R] [R] = 80
[RR] [RR] = 80
[R] [RRR] = 80
[R] [R] [R] [R] [R] = 100
[R] [RR] [RR] = 100
[RR] [RRR] = 100
[R] [R] [R] [R] [R] [R] = 120
[R] [RR] [RRR] = 120


You also know you need to find someone to implement these combinations correctly, right? :smiley:

Anyway, now that it’s fixed in production, I will release myself from this discussion because there’re better ways to spend my energy than discussing an attack of a 20 year old pokemon card :smiley:

My final recommendation would be to just leave it the way original translation works, so that the implementation would not need to be changed, but it’s your call.


It’s worth noting @ZF_Goku that the card specifically tells you what to do with Buzzap. This distinction must not be ignored. The same rule applies to Unlimited Mode with Double Rainbow Energy and any other such cards that provide two Energy that can be converted to Fire Energy. If no single Fire Energy can be discarded after discarding all double Energy cards, then Charizard is correct to have 0 Energy.