Arcanine ex Flame Swirl vs Lugia ex Silver Sparkle

I attacked with an Arcanine ex (LM 83) that has 2 Fire Energy and 1 React Energy against a Lugia ex (UF 105). The Lugia was able to resolve its Silver Sparkle Poke Body before I got to choose which Energy to discard, returning the React Energy and making it so the Arcanine had to discard both Fires. However, I believe the Energy discard for the attack should be happening first, which would be in line with the following official ruling.

== SILVER SPARKLE (Lugia EX - EX:Unseen Forces)

Q. I attack with Salamence-EX’s “Bright Flame”, against my opponent’s Lugia-EX. Who chooses which Energy to discard or move, in what order?
A. Resolve your attack, then discard 2 Energy as a result for Salamence-EX’s attack. Your opponent then resolves the Silver Sparkle (flip, and possible return of energy to hand). (Sep 29, 2005 PUI Rules Team)