Admin user abuse

Hello. In this oportunity I speak for the chilean community that plays in TCGOne. We have a lot of players using the web, and right now we’re traying to get more players to the old formats to enjoy and play. But there’s a player called “tcgone1417” that always have behavior problems, cursing and f-wording other players. Maybe this is normal for a lot of people, but this guy BANNED a player of our community a few days ago, so we think he’s a website’s admin or some. My friend had to make another account and lost all his career cards and points. Thanks.

who did he ban and do you have any screenshots

The user that was banned was Thoromax. The only image we have is the screenshot after the account was banned.WhatsApp Image 2022-09-04 at 11.52.58 PM

Correction: Thoromax2012

seems like he was banned for slurs