About the Bug Reports category

Bug Reports category is for reporting in-game bugs related to cards and their mechanics, and also for discussing grey area rulings. You can either post directly or use in-game button to report them.

Using in-game bug reporter tool

Please use the in-game bug reporting tool, whenever possible. That way, the game log is auto-attached to the report so we can diagnose problems and validate the error by looking at the log.

Marking as ‘Solved’ / Closing a Bug Report *new!

I just installed a new forum plugin to mark a reply as ‘the solution’ to the report. We will use this facility to clean up/close old reports to make room for new ones.

Mark solutions via this button: image

Then the solution is shown in the first post as well, like this:

Other Issues

  • For visual/browser issues such as misaligned view, wrong text, etc, please post a screenshot at the exact moment you see it, and open a topic here.
  • For ruling discussions, you are also welcome to open up new topics here.
  • You can report players here also.

Please note that it takes some time to validate, think about and finally fix bug reports.