Ability can't use

I can’t use Donphan(LOT 112) Ability to HP become 10

● Turn 9 begins

● Player A drew 1 card

● Put Rowlet & Alolan Exeggutor-GX onto bench

● Player A played Rescue Stretcher.

● Put [Rillaboom (DAA 197), Grookey (SWSHP SWSH001), Thwackey (SSH 12)] to Deck

● A has shuffled deck.

● Shining Genesect has used Energy Reload

● Grass Energy moved from Venusaur to Shining Genesect

● Shining Genesect used Gaia Blaster

● Sturdy saved Donphan!

● Donphan is weak to GRASS

● Shining Genesect did 240 damage to Donphan

Donphan was knocked out

Hi, the issue will be fixed with the next release. Thanks for reporting!

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