V35 Update: New Home Page and Team Up! (1)
V34 Update: Chaos Gym and more! (4)
V33 Update: Lost Thunder (2)
V32 Update: EX Magma Aqua packs (1)
V31 Update: Dragon Majesty (1)
V30 Update: Celestial Storm, New Game List & Match UX, Standard 18-19 and much more! (6)
Auth Gateway Update: Discord and Patreon! (1)
V29 Update: Forbidden Light and EX Team Rocket Returns! (7)
V28 Update: Ultra Prism and EX FRLG! (14)
V27 Update: EX Dragon Packs and more! (2)
Giveaway: EX Dragon Packs! (1)
V26 Update: Crimson Invasion! (10)
V25 Update: Theme Deck Store, Forum and Discord (1)
Changelog Archive (1)